Behind the colour palette

The three colours I have decided to use for this blog are black, white and lavender. I chose these colours because together they reflect me, my aspirations and will hopefully set the tone of this blog. says the colour black can symbolise sophistication, formality and depth, while white represents simplicity and precision and lavender connotes elegance and femininity. I think nearly all of these are representative of myself in some way, except for elegance perhaps, which is more suited to the subject of lifestyle writing. Many popular lifestyle blogs (for example Tuula Vintage and Gary Pepper Girl) have black and white in their colour schemes, as do most news sites (The Vine and This is most likely due to the fact that the two colours signify a degree of sophistication and class, are easy to read and look good together.

Due to my career aspirations, I am aiming for the tone of this site to be consistent with others like it, and think this colour scheme helps achieve this. Because I am female, the types of articles I write about would often reflect feminine pursuits and interests, especially in regards to my way of life. This is why I believe lavender works well with the more traditional black and white.

Additionally, Luke Clum recently wrote an article on Web Design Ledger about popular colour schemes for web design in 2013, and he listed muted pastels. Mixing neutral tones  with light pastels  (in this case lavender) creates a welcoming, soft atmosphere, which I believe is reflective of someone who is interested in writing lifestyle articles. The black helps to add an element of sophistication and formality, and works well with the lighter tones.


Font choices and how these represent me

When choosing two fonts for this blog, I had to consider my audience, tone and the importance of design and readability. As an aspiring journalist, my hope is for this blog to maintain a degree of sophistication, class and simplicity. This is due to the similar tone of the industry I hope to one day be a part of and my style of writing. I chose to reflect this in my choice of font and colour. Integralwebsolutions says, “when it comes to the web and fonts, simple is always better.”  It is important to choose fonts that are the easiest to read on all monitor sizes and resolutions.

Taking this into consideration, I chose relatively simple, easy to read fonts that I think paint an accurate picture of myself and this blog. I researched what types of fonts were best suited for heading text and what worked best for body paragraphs.  Integralwebsolutions said Serif fonts have small hooks at the end of most letters,  and are slightly more decorative than Sans Serif fonts. Sans Serif fonts are more simple and easier to read on most monitor resolutions. Owl website says that because of this, Sans Serif fonts are better to use for body text than Serif fonts, which are more popular for heading texts. They add that it’s a good rule not to mix two different types from the same font category. Therefore I chose a Serif font for my heading text and a Sans Serif font for my body text.

I chose the font ‘Georgia’ as the heading text for this blog for a variety of reasons. says ‘Georgia’ is a good heading font because it connotes class and is easy to read online, despite being a Serif font.  Additionally, it’s very popular on online newspaper sites such as the Washington Post and NYTimes.  Therefore using this font would give this blog a journalistic tone. According to the Hong Kiat website, web designer Sergiu Naslau says that ‘Georgia’ is a good font for websites because the spacing between its letters is good and it has a great visual impact.


 For the body text of this blog I chose the Sans Serif font ‘Trebuchet MS’. Web designers on Hong Kiat recommend using it for the body text of websites as it is highly readable, web safe, “nice” and underused. I think this font will compliment ‘Georgia’, as they are from different font categories. Additionally, ‘Trebuchet MS’ is very basic and not over embellished, which is important in both written and visual journalism.


Check out some of my work!

I’ve created a new page where you can read some previous articles I’ve written for LUNA Digital, an online publication here. I’ve also linked to where you can read more stories if you’re interested. I’ve chosen articles which I think represent my writing style and voice well.

The first article I’ve provided discusses my own, and possibly other people’s, dependence on Google as an information source. The second article is a pop culture news story from last year, which looks at the amazing lighting effects in the promo music video for French band OPALE‘s single Sparkles and Wine. 

‘About me’ explained

I wrote the ‘About me’ section of this blog in a style which I hope my target audience (editors and sub editors within the journalism industry) would appreciate. I discussed my strengths, interests, goals and passions, in what I hope was a creative and critical manner.

I have tried to project my personality into my bio, and make it as interesting to read as possible. The image I uploaded at the bottom of my ‘About me’ page was taken at Corrindi beach, which is one of my favourite places to camp at in New South Wales.

When I was there just last weekend, I was reminded of my desire to live a healthier lifestyle- not just physically, but mentally also. I think the beach is a great representation of the healthy, relaxed kind of lifestyle I would love to experience more of and write about. 


Finding a WordPress theme which I like, and feel represents me well, has proved to be a much harder task than I originally thought. When deciding, I also had to consider the importance of layout and design elements, and the order in which readers would view the page. I eventually decided upon the theme ‘Forever.’

I chose ‘Forever’ as my theme because I am a fan of simple yet classic designs which aren’t too cluttered. Additionally, the body text is positioned slightly over to the left, which, according to the Gutenberg Diagram, means readers will be more inclined to read it. As demonstrated in the diagram below, readers generally enter a page from the top left hand corner and move diagonally down to the right.

Image(Image Source:

I feel like the theme represents who I am because it represents what I like, and what I like is a part of who I am. I like the basic colour scheme and the consistency of the design.


There are so many different career paths I would like to take that it’s difficult to determine which one would lead to my ‘dream job’. When I considered my interests, strengths, goals and passions however, it became clear to me that my dream job is the type of job I’ve wanted since my teenage self watched Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada back in 2006.

Ultimately, I would love to be a feature writer for the lifestyle, cultural or even social media section of a magazine. I enjoy writing, coming up with ideas for new stories and looking for alternative angles on current stories. I also believe I work well under pressure, which is an important attribute for a journalist to have, because world events and trends can appear or change so quickly. 

That said, I know that I could definitely manage my time better than I do currently. I always seem to find myself working under pressure, even if I’ve been given weeks or months to complete a project. This is something I need to work on.

I have found that there are many opportunities for journalist hopefuls to gain experience in their industry and get their names out there. Many local digital sites such as LUNA Digital and Creative Drinks hire students to be their digital reporters. Additionally, there are internships available, and virtually anyone has the ability to create their own Blog. 

Because new media has made it so much easier for journalism students and graduates to have their work published online, this means that the competition to get a paying job has increased. It is also harder to get a job in print journalism today, due to the competition of digital sites which are generally free to all internet users. Even so, despite these threats to the industry, I will continue to pursue my dream job. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?