Font choices and how these represent me

When choosing two fonts for this blog, I had to consider my audience, tone and the importance of design and readability. As an aspiring journalist, my hope is for this blog to maintain a degree of sophistication, class and simplicity. This is due to the similar tone of the industry I hope to one day be a part of and my style of writing. I chose to reflect this in my choice of font and colour. Integralwebsolutions says, “when it comes to the web and fonts, simple is always better.”  It is important to choose fonts that are the easiest to read on all monitor sizes and resolutions.

Taking this into consideration, I chose relatively simple, easy to read fonts that I think paint an accurate picture of myself and this blog. I researched what types of fonts were best suited for heading text and what worked best for body paragraphs.  Integralwebsolutions said Serif fonts have small hooks at the end of most letters,  and are slightly more decorative than Sans Serif fonts. Sans Serif fonts are more simple and easier to read on most monitor resolutions. Owl website says that because of this, Sans Serif fonts are better to use for body text than Serif fonts, which are more popular for heading texts. They add that it’s a good rule not to mix two different types from the same font category. Therefore I chose a Serif font for my heading text and a Sans Serif font for my body text.

I chose the font ‘Georgia’ as the heading text for this blog for a variety of reasons. says ‘Georgia’ is a good heading font because it connotes class and is easy to read online, despite being a Serif font.  Additionally, it’s very popular on online newspaper sites such as the Washington Post and NYTimes.  Therefore using this font would give this blog a journalistic tone. According to the Hong Kiat website, web designer Sergiu Naslau says that ‘Georgia’ is a good font for websites because the spacing between its letters is good and it has a great visual impact.


 For the body text of this blog I chose the Sans Serif font ‘Trebuchet MS’. Web designers on Hong Kiat recommend using it for the body text of websites as it is highly readable, web safe, “nice” and underused. I think this font will compliment ‘Georgia’, as they are from different font categories. Additionally, ‘Trebuchet MS’ is very basic and not over embellished, which is important in both written and visual journalism.



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